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FROM Korea

  • Gal Bi
  • Bul Go Ki
  • Sam Gyup Sal
  • Sewoo Busot Gui
  • Dae Ge Bul Go Ki
  • Cha Dol Bak Yi

  • Bi Bim Bob

  • Hae Mul Pa Jeon

  • Tuk Book Ki


At Hero Korean Restaurant, you're a Korean Chef!

Select from various beef, pork, chicken, or fish dishes and cook it up on our state-of-the-art smokeless grills, right at your own table.  Enjoy our traditional Banchan, side dishes, with every meal.

We can cook the BBQ menu from our kitchen if you do not want to cook your dishes your-self. 

Whatever your preference, we're sure you'll have a unique meal and dining experience at Hero Korean Restaurant.

Korean Phrases

안녕하세요 (An Young Ha Sae Yo) - How are you doing?

고맙습니다 (Go Mop Sum Ni Da) - Thank you very much.

아주 좋습니다 (Ah Ju Jo Sum Ni Da) - I really like it.



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